Key resources for you to learn more about the Reading Skills program and how it can address achievement gaps and boost student outcomes.

Tracy Unified School District Case Study

Learn how the IRD program not only addressed reading skills with TUSD students, but also preemptively addressed the learning loss traditionally experienced during the summer months…without placing an additional burden on TUSD staff.

Community Schools and IRD

Discover how the Reading Skills Program addresses Community Schools initiatives through engaging literacy programs.

Research Brief

Research Brief

Learn how IRD’s Reading Program accelerates learning through the application of best practices in reading instruction and student engagement.

IRD Reading Rate Data

IRD Reading Rate Data

Discover how the completion of IRD’s program contributes to positive increases in reading speeds.

Research-Based Curriculum

Discover how the Reading Skills Program is grounded in developmental theory and literacy research.

Program Essentials

Learn more about the Reading Skills Program and its key outcomes.