Middle School Programs

Give your middle school students the tools they need to improve their reading skills and build their confidence.

Developmentally appropriate programs for 6th through 8th grade.

Programs to Help your Middle Schoolers

Deepen their reading skills. Your middle school students will not only make gains in reading comprehension skill, but will also expand their vocabulary and build their reading speed.

A flexible skills program that delivers engaging reading instruction to address achievement gaps in your Middle Schoolers

Increase instructional time without burdening existing staff.

Intermediate Reading Skills Built in the Middle School Program

  • Comprehension
  • Nonfiction Reading
  • Study
  • Textbook Comprehension
  • Note-Taking
  • Speed Reading
  • Overall Reading Enjoyment

Reading materials in the Reading Skills Program are selected based on literary merit, compelling and relatable characters, diverse cultures and backgrounds, and relevant themes that inspire and expand empathy and sensitivity among students. In addition, research shows that connecting with the characters helps develop self and social awareness.

IRD Provides Everything You Need

  • Engagement/Outreach – customized outreach to boost enrollment is developed for each school or district.
  • Materials – materials are delivered to participating students prior to the first session.
  • Dedicated Implementation Team – our team works closely with your school or district to ensure seamless implementation.
  • IT Support – ongoing IT support is provided for schools, districts, and individual students.
  • Session Reports – post-session reports are developed for each participating school or district.